New Forest Show History
                                      AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY
        1921 to 2010

The New Forest Agricultural & Horticultural Association
held its first one day show in August 1921 at Bartley Cross.

Judging Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Vegetables preceded parades of Cattle, Horses & Ponies. The day ended with Musical Stalls and Dancing.

Exhibitors & Sponsors included The South Hants Building Co, The Research Laboratories from Rue des Petits Pères in Paris with their veterinary preparations & of course the New Forest Agricultural Co-Operative Society.

The show charged an entrance fee of 2 shillings and 4 pence and earned £464, which Included £59 from entry fees, £137 from subscriptions, £26 from hire of stands, £157 from gate receipts, £13 from the sale of vegetables and £6 from the guessing competition (?).


New Forest Show Introduction


This illustrated history of the New Forest Show is being compiled from various sources including the official catalogues. But to make it as complete as possible, New Forest Gateway would love to hear from anyone with additional information, personal memories or images and film reflecting the show or its situation.

New Forest Show 1921

 THE EARLY YEARS - 1921 - Bartley Cross

The breakdown of accounts from the first New Forest Show held in 1921, illustrates an event firmly rooted in the area. Between one thousand and fifteen hundred people attend the one day show.

It starts at 10am with the judging of cattle, pigs, goats, poultry, rabbits, vegetables and local produce.

Midday sees the official opening by a local dignitary or MP, at which point the band strikes up. A break in the proceedings at 1pm dictates a public luncheon.

From 2pm onwards the "big ring" hosts a parade of cattle, horses, and New Forest ponies. "Tradesmen's Turnouts" feature two and four wheel Butchers, Bakers, Grocers and Milkmen. First prize, £1.

Pony riding and jumping feature in the latter part of the afternoon, followed by the competitive "Woodland Cup". Open to members and subscribers to the New Forest Hounds, the New Forest Buckhounds and Tenant Farmers with over 20 acres.

Total prize money for the day, £127.

The evening boasts musical stalls and dancing till 10pm.
New Forest Show, When & Where


Over the years, the New Forest Show has had seven homes. Below are the dates and venues including the land owners who played host.

1921 to 1924
Bartley Cross,
By kind permission of:
H. W. Eaden
1925 to 1929
Morant Estate
Tile Barn Hill,
By kind permission of:
The Morant Trustees
1930 to 1932
Meyrick Estate,
Hinton Admiral.
By kind permission of:
Major Sir George Meyrick
Testwood Park,
By kind permission of:
P.C. Vaudrey Baker-Mill
S.G. Moore
1934 to 1937
Northerwood Park,
By kind permission of:
H. Aris, J.P.
New Park,
By kind permission of:
W.H. Gossling
Northerwood Park,
By kind permission of:
H. Aris, J.P.
1940 to 1945
None, Second World War
1946 to 1954
Cuffnells Park,
By kind permission of:
Wing-Co. Caryl Hargreaves
F C.E. Greening
P.C.V. Barker-Mill
Capt. R.G. Woolley
J.R. Martin
1955 to Present
New Park,
By kind permission of:
H.M. Forestry Commission
Lt-Col. Sir Dudley B. Forwood
W.H. Gossling

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