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Bournemouth - All Seasons! (1930-1939)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/17/2016
Promotional film featuring the attractions of Bournemouth - lovely holiday footage. 1930s travelogue about Bournemouth. Railway station including station clock and the "Bournemouth Belle" train. Steam train pulling into or out of station. People visible in railway carriages reading papers etc. Railway tracks from moving train. Forest of Southern Hampshire. Landscape shots. Sundial - shadow moves through time lapse photography. Three men representing the Victorians who foresaw the potential of Bournemouth. The "original" Bournemouth Belles - girls in old-fashioned long legged swimsuits cavort in the waves. The men ignore the Belles and talk of the potential for growth. The Pier Approach of 1870 - still photograph - contrasted with the bustling pier approach of "today". Street scenes, top shots of the town, beach scenes, cliffs, pier, gardens - "chines", promenade, the beach from a moving car. The town itself - the square is shown in a photograph from 1895 and compared to a contemporary

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