Selected Originals - Bomber Crash (1952)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/17/2016
RAF men inspect the damage after a bomber crashed into a Wiltshire housing estate. Salisbury, Wiltshire. GV. Damaged housing estate on outskirts of Salisbury (first 6 ft. under title). Voiceover describes it as Bermerton Heath. SV. Airmen looking at wreckage of crashed Royal Air Force Brigand Fighter-Bomber. Pan to more wreckage. LV. Damaged council houses pan to 'plane wreckage and damaged house. Voiceover says that the crash cost the pilot and his passenger their lives. Nine others were injured. SV. Airmen working on wreckage damaged house in B/G. A/S Bent window frame on gutted house. SV. Airmen searching house with twisted window frames. SV. Damaged ceiling pan to twisted window through which wreckage can be seen on roadway outside. SV. Airman inspecting engine. SV. Plane wreckage in front of damaged houses. (Orig. Lav.) (Orig. 'C') N.B. the plane took off from Boscombe Down RAF Station

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