319 1-2 M.P.H. (1928)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/17/2016
Flight Lieutenant D'Arcy Greig reaches highest speed yet in an aeroplane. Calshot, Hampshire. Item title reads - 319 1/2 miles an hour! Flight Lieutenant D'Arcy Greig reaches highest speed ever flown and wins for Britain honour of building world's fastest aeroplane. Calshot, Hampshire. Intertitle - 'The Pathe Gazette leaves nothing to chance! For 43 days our cameraman waited at Calshot to obtain these history making pictures.' L/S as the aeroplane taxis over the sea. M/S as Greig is carried up the ramp and applauded. C/U profile of him talking. L/S of the aeroplane. Various shots of the aeroplane on land. M/S of Greig in the pilot's seat, various shots as the propellor turns. M/S as it speeds across the water before taking off. L/S as it passes the 'Aquitania' ship, L/S as the aeroplane takes off. Various shots of Greig in pilot's seat. L/S as the aeroplane flies through the air. M/S as it is wheeled out of the hangar. M/S of him stood in front of it. C/U of him in Royal Air Force un

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