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Title: White Wings On The Solent & Cuts (1926)
Length: 07:39
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White Wings On The Solent & Cuts (1926)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Cowes week - sailing regatta off Isle of Wight. Full title reads: "White wings on the Solent. Cowes Week, the great yachting and social festival". Isle of Wight. Panning L/S of yachts moored in bay. L/S of Queen Mary and King George V coming down steps from Royal Yacht and getting aboard motor launch moored next to it. Brief shot of man firing small cannon. Various shots of sailing yachts. M/S of prow of yacht, sailors are working on deck as it heads out to sea. Panning shot of people on deck of large yacht - very fast, too quick to make out faces. More shots of yachts. More shots of King and Queen in motor launch and man firing cannons. L/S of very grand steam powered ship - the Royal Yacht? More general shots of yachts. More shots of steam ship. M/S of row of men in sou'westers pushing the boom of yacht. We then see same men relaxing on deck of ship. Lots more shots of yachts and the large steam ship. Note: opening shot has been transferred upside down on *PM0580* and shows signs of

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