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Title: Wealth Of The World - Transport - Reel 1 (1947-1951)
Length: 09:28
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Wealth Of The World - Transport - Reel 1 (1947-1951)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
The development of road, rail and water transport in Britain - focuses on nationalisation in 1947 Reel 1. An Associated British Pathe Series. Title - Wealth of the World. Railway tracks stretching in to the distance. C/U man moving points lever in signal box. "Transport". Steam train passes camera at night. Lorries towards camera at night. Plane landing at night. Ship at night. C/U goods wagon. Low angle shot of steam train at night, steam cloud rises up. Low angle shot of wagons past the camera. Men run alongside the wagons. Pan past iron foundry at night. Low angle shot express train past camera. Shot from train shows street lights. Lorries towards camera at night. Train past camera at night. Shot from train as it emerges from tunnel into daylight. L/S of steam train through countryside. Lorries drive past road sign - A1 Stamford and Peterborough. High Angle shot of steam train passing. Lorries under bridge (Bridge advertises "Able Idris Water") Steam train into station. Lorry in to

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