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World's Air Speed Record (1928)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Test flight for the 'Flying Bullet' seaplane at Calshot. Full titles: "World's Air Speed Record for Britain? - Flight-Lieut. d'Arcy Greig, in his "Flying Bullet" the tiny Super-Marine seaplane, travels over six miles a minute in first tests." Calshot, Hampshire. M/S of Flight Lieutenant D'Arcy Greig, in his RAF uniform. M/S of the seaplane being wheeled out of an aircraft hangar and worked on by men prior to the takeoff. M/S of Greig getting into the cockpit, wearing flying gear. The plane is wheeled down a ramp and into the sea at Calshot. L/Ss of the plane starting off and moving across the water; we don't see it actually take off - the next shot shows the plane flying through the air. M/Ss of the plane on the water again, as Greig gets out of the cockpit and the plane is brought in towards the ramp by some men. Greig climbs onto the shoulders of one of the men and is carried to dry land; he looks quite happy

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