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Title: Vintage Car Auction (1961)
Length: 02:23
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Vintage Car Auction (1961)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Beautiful vintage and veteran cars are auctioned at Lord Montagu's Beaulieu estate. Beaulieu, Hampshire. M/S of Lord Montagu's stately home; lots of people are seen milling about the grounds; brief M/S of people coming through the admission turn-style. M/S of three beautiful vintage cars parked outside the house as commentator tells us an auction of veteran cars is taking place. M/S of an elderly man being pushed along in what looks like a vintage racing car. Various shots of people wandering about and looking at vintage and veteran cars parked on the estate. Some cars are being cleaned and men tinker with the engines. L/S as a convertible Model T Ford is driven up the driveway and through the crowds into the auction area; we hear natural sound of the auctioneer describing the car in an extremely plummy voice. A beautiful 1912 silver Hispano Suiza sports car is driven into the area; we see C/Us of several features of the car as we hear the bidding for this model (sold for £1300 to the

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