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Title: Veteran Cars Aka Veteran Car Rally At Beaulieu (1957)
Length: 02:56
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Veteran Cars Aka Veteran Car Rally At Beaulieu (1957)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
A vintage car rally is held at Beaulieu Abbey, tests include braking, reversing and parking. Beaulieu, Hampshire. M/S of two men cleaning and preparing a 1907 Belgium racing car called 'La Metallurgique'. C/U of the man polishing the front of the car, he is the owner Douglas FitzPatrick of Sheringham Hall in Norfolk. C/U of his mechanic, Jerry Magewfki, poking in the engine with a screwdriver. He puts the bonnet down over the engine. M/S of the red leather seats, Douglas climbs up and sits in the seat and prepares to drive. M/S of four men pushing the car from the back, M/S of the men pushing and Douglas steering. M/S of the road ahead filmed from the point of view of the driver. C/U of his hand on the steering wheel, the camera moves down to the dials on the dashboard and his foot on the accelerator. M/S from his point of view as he drives into a big field and past a man wearing a flat cap, behind him is another vintage car and people milling about. This is the Concours D'Elegance and

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