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Title: Vintage Car Auction (1968)
Length: 01:30
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Vintage Car Auction (1968)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
M/S man starting a 1902 Peugeot. C/U bonnet rattling. M/S as man lifts bonnet. C/U engine. Various shots of cars in the museum. C/U wheels. C/U's radiators of Matchless, Citroen, Brasier, Alldays and Trojan. M/S the Trojan. M/S auction in progress. C/U as man bids. Various shots other men bidding. L/S the auction room. M/S another bid. M/S as auctioneer drops hammer. L/S line of old cars, pan to Model T Ford. C/U Ford. Various shots a Hispano-Suiza. M/S a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost which went for £9,200. M/S little girl at wheel of the Rolls. C/U engine. M/S Rolls.

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