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Title: The Queen Mary & Cuts (1936)
Length: 08:38
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The Queen Mary & Cuts (1936)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Newly built ship, the Queen Mary, arrives in Southampton - her permanent base. Full title reads: "The Queen Mary is welcomed at Southampton". Hampshire. Various shots of newly built ship, the Queen Mary, sailing up Solent. The ship has just made its first journey from the docks where it was built in Clydebank. A flotilla of smaller vessels escort her as she arrives in Southampton, her permanent base. Various shots of Queen Mary docking. She moves slowly through narrow dock gates helped by tug boats and men on quay catching ropes as they are cast ashore. Great shots of her name on the prow. In the background, another large liner is anchored - The Majestic. Cuts / out takes start at 01:41:26. More shots of ship docking. Aerial shots of ship. Some aerial shots are a bit shaky and out of focus. Mostly same as shots in cut part of story. Note: commentary stops at 01:41:04, item is mostly mute from then on with intermittent natural sound in some shots. AH 2001.

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