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The Prince Of Wales (1929)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
The Prince of Wales meets airmen of the Britain and Italy, Calshot, Hampshire. Full titles read: "THE PRINCE OF WALES - flies to meet air "Speed Kings" & machines for the Schneider Cup." Intertitle reads: "With the British Team." Groups shots of the Prince of Wales (Prince of Wales, Duke of Windsor) standing next to senior airmen of the British team, the Rolls Royce powered seaplane ca be seen in covers in the background. Intertitle reads: "With the Italian Tea, "I wish you the best of luck but I hope ours prove faster ! - (The Prince)" L/S's of the Prince meeting senior airmen of the Italian team and inspecting their plane next to hangar. L/S of the airmen saluting the Prince as he leaves. Intertitle reads: "First pictures of the famous "Flying Egg" ... all red Fiat..smallest seaplane in the World and Italy's chief hope in the Race." Several shots of the Italian aeroplane ('Flying Egg") outside hangar. Note: Cuts for this item appear on Pathe Master Tape *PM0800* - "ITALY'S TEAM FOR T

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