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Title: The Good Quads At Guide Camp (1952)
Length: 04:02
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The Good Quads At Guide Camp (1952)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Good quadruplets spending time with Girl Guides at Lyndhurst, New Forest. Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hampshire. LS. Tree, pan down to long shot of Mrs Good, mother of quadruplets, pulling barrow with her children in. MS. Mrs Good pulling barrow with quads in. MS. Quads in barrow. LS. The quads pulling the barrow with Mrs Good in. MS. The Good quads playing and climbing over the barrow. LS. Various scenes of the quads having tea. MS. One of the quads putting a baby into pram and tucking it in. LS. Rear view of Mrs Good taking the quads into the house. LS. Mrs Good giving first aid lesson to Girl Guides. LS. Girl Guides seated on grass playing games. MS. & LS. Two of the Good quads seated in circle playing. LS. & MS. Mrs Good and quads tying knots in rope. CU. Mrs Good tying knots. MS. The quads getting tangled up. CU. New Zealand Girl Guide tying bandage. CU. Shoulder flash on Greek Girl Guide. MS. Guide Captain watching. LS. & MS. Captain watching. LS. & MS. Girl Guides doing semi-fore dri

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