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Trains Old And New (1957)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Old locomotives being destroyed and new locomotives being made - all in one film.Brighton, East Sussex. M/S of a locomotive being turned on turntable. M/S of a man pushing it round the turntable. Here the locomotive come to be broken up. This one is "the hulk of a "King Arthur" class engine built at Eastleigh in 1820." Several shots of people dismantling the locomotive. Lots of sparkle around. Eastleigh, Hampshire. M/S of two men working on a green locomotive. This is the latest Multiple Unit Diesel Electric train which will run between London and Hastings. Voiceover keeps talking about the engine characteristics. M/S of one of the men removing transfer to display British Railways insignia. Man is Mr Charlie Appleton. C/U shot of the insignia as Mr Appleton wipes it with a cloth. M/S of a man, Mr Nobby Clarkson, fuelling the locomotive. C/U shot of the fuelling indicator reading 'full'. Cut back to Mr Clarkson removing the fuel pipe from the engine. L/S of the driver, Mr Alf Smith, ent

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