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The Camera Was There Aka Operation Longstop (1947)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Coverage of the biggest airborne mock assault in Britain on Salisbury Plain. Full title reads: "The Camera Was There". Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. Operation Longstop. Biggest airborne mock assault ever seen in Britain. MS Cameraman and Soundman Willie Jordan and Jim Morris at work, with title superimposed. MS Airborne troops, loaded with packs walking onto the airfield. MS Shots taken from inside and outside a plane as the troops climb in. MS Cut in shot of officers watching. CU MS A Dakota aircraft taking off and in flight. Dakotas in flight. CU Paratroopers sitting inside a plane waiting orders to jump. CU a plane discharging its parachutists. CU Angle shot from inside a plane showing troops jumping out. LS MS Parachutists floating down. CU Cut in shot of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder watching. CU Cut in shot of Field Marshal Viscount Bernard Montgomery watching. MS a Paratrooper being dragged along by his parachute after landing. MS An injured paratrooper being carried away on a str

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