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Soapbox Race For Charity (1964)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
These homemade vehicles are being raced from Christchurch to Poole in Dorset. Full title reads: "Bournemouth. Soapbox Race For Charity". Bournemouth, Dorset. These homemade vehicles are being raced from Christchurch to Poole. LV Team carrying cart. LV As they put cart down. SV Boys working on another cart. CU Pub sign "The Rising Sun". LV Pan one of the carts is pushed away at start of race. LV Pan another cart pushed away at start. SV Pan cart coming along road. LV Tracking shot, cart coming along road. SV From behind of cart with notices on back, including "No Overtaking". SV Cart at speed notice on front reads "Hells Drivers". SV Student collecting for Cancer Campaign. CU Money goes in box. SV Student collecting. SV Pan as winner comes in from the Hamworthy Engineering Apprentices team. LV Crowd gathered. SV Zoom in to CU the winning team.

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