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Return Journey Reel 3 (1957)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
A promotional film showing the joys of driving an Austin A95 in the West Country. The Austin A95 Westminster car pulls up in the square of Salisbury (?) . The two children run up to a stall of lollipops. Top shot of the square covered by a travelling fun fair. The children climb onto the horses of the carrousel. The wooden horses go up and down, cut to a real horse. It is a meet of the Wylye Valley Hunt at Stockton Manor. A huntsman in traditional red hunting coat and top hat takes a port from a butler holding a silver tray and drinks it. Shots of the hunt in front of the Manor. The hunt master blows his horn and the horses and dogs move off. The hunt trots down a road past thatched cottages. The Austin A95 is driving along a rural road next to the New Forest when a small red 1925 Austin 7 toots to overtake. The two cars come to a stop next to a poster advertising the "Southern Inter-Club team Trial Bovington Heath Dorset". Our hero informs the man that he used to own the car during WW

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