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Removal Of Bathing Ban At Bournemouth (1944)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Coastal defence obstacles removed from Bournemouth beach so people can bath again. Bournemouth, Dorset. Various shots of large piles of barbed wire removed from Bournemouth beach. More shots of the people removing coastal defences obstacles from the beach. Close up shot of a notice reading "The public may use and bathe from this part of the beach but at their own risk. Beware of barbed wire and other obstructions, do not touch any suspicious objects - by order 25th July 1944 Garrison Commander". Various shots of the people at beach, swimming, sunbathing, having fun - mainly young women and children. A group of children run into water. More shots of children playing in sand. More shots of the crowded beach. Barbed wire and other obstacles still seen at some parts of the beach.

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