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Powerboat Race (1968)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
"M/S boat alongside another, M/S controls, pan to boat, C/U flag and markings on deck. C/U name 'Tornado'. M/S boat sailing along. Various shots as 'Partenocraft' gets ready to start the race. M/S Paddy Hopkirk and Simon Beecher with helmets on in their craft. C/U Paddy Hopkirk. M/S hands on controls as boat sails away. High angle L/S start of race. M/S Vincenso Balestrieri in Tornado, various shots of the race. L/S boats speeding, M/S's and L/S's of the boats. Various shots of the race. M/S Gardner brothers in 'Surfury'. Various shots of the race. M/S Tommy Sopwith in 'Telstar'. Various shots of boats bouncing along. Various shots of the race in calmer waters. L/S 'Telstar' streaking into Cowes to win. M/S as they come in and wave. M/S Tommy and his navigator Charles de Selincourt. M/S boat, C/U name. C/U's Tommy drinking and waving."

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