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Queen Mary's Last Trip Aka Queen Mary Steams Into Southampton For Last Time (1967)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Ocean liner "Queen Mary" arrives in Southampton at end of her last voyage. No title. Ocean liner "Queen Mary" steams into Southampton, Hampshire for last time. C/U Queen Mary's siren sounding. Aerial shot Queen Mary crossing the Channel. L/S empty promenade deck. Top shot rows of empty deck chairs. Sequence of shots showing luxurious interior: L/S showing the empty first-class lounge. L/S empty smoking room. Aerial shot Queen Mary at sea. L/S passengers dining in first class restaurant. Various shots food and cakes, including model of the Queen Mary on cake. L/S passengers eating. M/S ditto. Various shots empty barber's shop on board. Top view shot empty swimming pool. L/S looking down long corridor. Aerial shot Queen Mary at sea. M/S Captain and officers on bridge. Queen Mary approaches Southampton water. L/S from Queen Mary showing fire floats in harbour. M/S ditto. L/S various boats passing the liner. Passengers on ship wave. Head on shot of tugs guiding the Queen Mary into Southamp

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