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Power Boats Great Race (1966)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
High speeds and rough seas during Swanage to Swanage power boat race. Swanage & Christchurch, Dorset. GV. Power boats getting ready for start of Swanage to Christchurch and back power boat race. SV. Boat Snarling Marling. LV. Pan, Snarling Marling. CU. Flag is dropped. SV. As the boats roar away. LV. Pan, boats racing. LV. Pan, another entry 'Slo-mo-shun' at speed. SV. Pan, boat No 04 'Alfie' at speed. GV. Alfie leaps high out of the water. LV. Pan, another boat comes past as speed. SV. Boat No 54 with driver and passenger standing up almost sinking. Coming along side to rescue them is boat named 'Peter Twiss'. SV. Pan as the men get onto Peter Twiss. SV Contestant No 98 going past at speed. LV. Pan, boat No 08, 'Flyover', a catamaran piloted by Tommy Sopwith. LV. Pan as 'Flyover' comes in at Swanage to take chequered flag. CU. Chequered flag is dropped. LV. Pan as Sopwith brings Flyover in. LV. Pan, the second boat home, No 01 'Boffin Coffin' coming past. SV. 'Flyover' moored at quay.

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