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Pit Pony Races (1927)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Lads from the Yorkshire pits race their ponies. Item title reads: " Pit pony races. Hardy little animals, and the lads in charge of them from 20 Yorkshire pits, enjoy a day's sport in the sunshine." Thorpe Hill near Wakefield, Yorkshire View of ponies in a long line with handlers and a crowd in the background. C/U of two ponies with ornate belled headgear. Ponies and riders are led through a gate towards handlers. View downhill of race start, the tape goes up, and they're off! Action sequences of ponies and riders galloping round the track lined with spectators. One pony pulls up and moves towards spectators, another shot shows a rider falling off at the finish. Close up of pit boy in cap with his pony

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