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Out Takes - Cuts From Cp 343 - Clergy Conference, Archery And Vintage Car Auction (1961)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Out takes (rushes, cuts) for stories featured in CP 343. Cuts (rushes, out takes) for stories in Colour Pictorial - CP 343. The original stories are on Pathe Master tape *PM0149*. 01:24:29 to 01:34:54 cuts for story CLERGY CONFERENCE in CP 343. Mostly similar footage to the cut story. Several shots of vicars (most without dog-collars) arriving at the service. Some great shots of vicars finding their accommodation; one walks up a stairway to get to his chalet; rarely seen Butlin's chalet shots! Great M/S of the Bishop of Southwark strolling along in his robes and carrying his mitre; he walks past some Butlin's camp shops that you rarely see in these stories. M/S of a dark-haired girl doing the chopsticks dance; several sporting vicars join in; nice shots of the crowd laughing and clapping, some in swimsuits sitting in deck chairs. Nice sequence shows two vicars clambering over a climbing frame with two young boys; one of the vicars appears to get stuck and is helped out by the other. A

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