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Out Takes - Cuts From Cp 621 - Reel 1 Of 3 - Avengers On Location (1966)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Out takes (rushes, cuts) for story featured in CP 621. Unedited material ("cuts", "rushes" or "out takes") from CP 621 - "Avengers on Location". Original story is also on Pathe Master tape *PM0387*. M/S of film crew in the grounds of Beaulieu where they are shooting scenes for the new ABC television series of "The Avengers." Various short shots of Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg posing in a vintage car. Patrick MacNee wears the traditional "Steed" suit and Diana Rigg wears some funky headgear - a visor with a white attachment which covers her face from the nose down. C/U of the wheel of the car which is propped up against a large stone. M/S of Patrick MacNee driving the car towards the film crew then stopping. Diana rig lifts her legs then props them up on the front of the car - relaxing. M/S of Diana combing her hair. A make-up woman holds a mirror for her to look into. Cast or crew watch admiringly. Patrick gets into the car - smoking. C/U of little dog - poodle? C/U of back of the car

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