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News In A Nutshell (1936)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Intertitle missing, should read - 'Another giant flying boat tried out at Rochester' (Kent) - L/S as camera pans across the flying boat, a man peers out of a window. M/S as it taxis on the water and takes off. Intertitle - 'Hythe' (Kent) (incorrect) - M/S as a line of new launches speed along together, various shots as they cut through the water. Intertitle - 'Newcastle' (Tyne and Wear) - Various shots of a house destroyed by a gas explosion which killed 4 people. Various shots of the debris, people watch from the side and some walk through the rubble. Intertitle - 'Vienna' (Austria) - M/S of men sat around a table signing the Vienna Treaty after the Tripartite conference. Various shots as Count Ciano (for Italy), Kalman de Kanya (Hungarian Foreign Minister) and Kurt Von Schuschnigg (for Austria) sign the treaty while men stand behind them and watch. Intertitle - 'St. James's Park' (London)- L/S of African Eagle Portuguese Jack on a tree, he has escaped from London Zoo. Various shots a

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