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Naval Survival Aka Survival Story (1957)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Male and female Naval officers go on a training exercise to help them survive in enemy territory. Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire. L/S as a van drives up a road with fields on each side. The van comes to a stop, it has 'RN' on the side. The door opens and two women and a man get out. The women are members of the Royal Navy, Third Officers Pat Nicholls and Adrienne White. M/S as they go round to the back of the van. The man is wearing a Naval uniform and the women are wearing waterproof outfits and hats, and carrying packs. C/U of the man handing them supplies, C/U as Pat puts a tin in the pocket of her trousers. M/S as the man hands the girls a map each and shuts the van doors. The narrator says the girls are on a survival training exercise. C/U of Pat looking at her map and pointing to it, the camera pans across to Adrienne who looks up into the distance. M/S of the girls stood on the road as the van drives away, they walk across the fields. L/S of two male Naval officers getting out of an R

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