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Oldest Clock Chimes Again (1956)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
The oldest mechanical clock in the world returns to duty at Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury, Wiltshire. GV. Salisbury Cathedral, tilt down the spire (title super over). LV. Interior showing the old clock contained in a 5 ft. Cube. CU. Pan down showing "Foliot and Verge" escapement mechanism (which had to be specially made). CU. Escapement movement. SV. Mr Robinson winding up small weight. CU. Smaller weight rising. SV. Mr Robinson walks round to winding wheel of larger weight. CU. Mr Robinson winding larger weight. CU. Mr Robinson's hands as he works. Shot from rafter, Cathedral windows. Pan to long view inside rafters where bell is housed. SV. Looking along rafters - pan to bell. CU. Bell housed in rafters. LV. Ancient clock mechanism - complete natural sound sequence. Fly Pinion starts to rotate with clanking noise and bell strikes. CU. Pan down of mechanism working. Pan down to drum turning (weight descending in background). SV. Mechanism turning, & CU. CU. Striking trip lever. SV. B

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