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News In Flashes (1951)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Arrivals for UN meeting - ship runs aground in Dorset - blast in Staffordshire Quarry. Full title reads: "News In Flashes" Paris, France. Representatives of the Big Four countries arrive for UNO General Assembly. SV Soviet delegate Andrei Vyshinsky alighting from train. SV Towards Vyshinsky with Jacob Malik and Alexis Pavlov walking along station platform. CU Vyshinsky and Pavlov walking along platform. CU American Secretary of State, Dean Acheson being greeted at station. SV Acheson outside station. SV Towards and pan British Secretary Anthony Eden walking up steps of Quay d'Orsay. Selected Originals exist for this item - see other records. Intertitle reads: "Barton-On-Sea". Nr Bournemouth, Dorset MV Wrecked yacht 'Lamorra'. SV Crew climbing up cliff. SV Crew on cliff top. CU Crew man. MV Wrecked yacht. SV Crew. CU Captain of ship, Captain Shepherd. MV Wrecked yacht. Intertitle reads: "Caldon Low". Big quarry blast in Staffordshire. GV Rock face of Caldon Low quarry. SV Pan up rock fa

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