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New Forest Gypsies (1948)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Gypsies live in primitive huts in squalid conditions in New Forest. General view, pan down country road. General shot of forest clearing, washing hangs on line. General view of gypsy encampment. Various shots of gypsy huts made from wood, tin and canvas - very primitive. C/U of stew pot boiling over open fire. C/U of chimney, pan down to man and dog going into hut. General view of camp. M/S of woman sitting in doorway of tent. C/U of interior, woman cooking over open fire. C/U of kettle boiling over open fire. M/S of woman sitting outside hut. C/U of woman making straw ropes. C/U of woman doing weekly wash outside hut. M/S of children and chickens playing outside hut. M/S of woman hanging out washing. M/S of 2 dogs lying asleep. C/U of cat. C/U of 3 puppies playing together. Back view, old woman and two children walking in woods. Squalor of gypsies' living conditions highlighted in commentary

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