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Log Champs! (1938)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
World champion log roller Bob Bradbourne shows off his skill in a Bournemouth pool. Titles read: "LOG CHAMPS!". Bournemouth, Dorset. Various shots of Canadian lumberjack and world champion log roller Bob Bradbourne (Bradball?), showing off his skill in the art of 'burling' in an indoor swimming pool. A large crowd of people watch as he walks on a turning log on the water and does several stunts. He is joined by Monica Gillot, Great Britain's Lady Champion of burling. Bob climbs aboard the log with Monica on his back. More shots of the pair doing stunts on the log, together and separately. Final shot shows Bob 'treading the log' as several men in the pool turn it rapidly - he keeps up to speed!

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