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Latest In Military Mechanisation (1965)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
New military equipment on show at the Military Engineering Experimental Establishment. Item title reads - Latest in military mechanisation. Christchurch, Hampshire. M/S of the M.E.X.E. (Military Engineering Experimental Establishment) centre. Various shots of the air portable bridge carrying assault track way and launching truck with two smaller tractors. L/S as the truck leaves the bridge, laying its track as it comes up beach. Various shots as two tractors come off the bridge up the track. Various shots Sea Horse Light Tractor coming out of water and up the track. L/S very big dump truck carrying baby dumper. M/S crowd. Various shots of the baby dumper pulling the big dumper. M/S people watching. Various shots mobile slit trench digger at work, C/U's of it. Various shots as two soldiers jump into new trench. L/S paradrop simulator lifting and dropping tractor. M/S officer and lady watching, pan tracked vehicle going over balloon bridge. M/S balloon.

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