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Nurdling (1967)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
People dressed country-bumpkin style play silly games in a field, including Michael Bentine's 'Nurdling'. Various shots show assorted batty people in yokel / country bumpkin costume of smocks and wellies taking part in some kind of obstacle course in a field before a crowd. A token blonde girl is seen competing in a short smock and wellies. Every so often a contestant goes into a special 'Nurdling' tent - a sign on it reads 'Keep Clear / Nurdling is Dangerous'. We do not get to see exactly what goes on; two men who go inside seem to be fighting. Some onlookers are also dressed in yokel costume, complete with face whiskers. A man sitting on top of the tent rings a bell; a bra is hoisted above the tent on a pole. Nurdling was apparently one of Michael Bentine's Square Games - possibly from his TV show 'It's A Square World'? Commentator says "All you need is a decent throstle, several gules and a knack of knowing a good drat when you see one". Note: Although the commentator says we are in

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