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John Bull Goes To Washington (1949)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Stafford Cripps and Ernest Bevin set sail for talks with President Truman. Full title reads: "John Bull Goes To Washington" Introductory intertitle reads: "Off 'On One of the most important missions in history' go Sir Stafford Cripps and Mr Bevin to talk dollars with the US Government". Southampton, Hampshire. GV Liner ship 'Mauretania' tied up at quayside. CU Name - 'Mauretania' CU Stafford Cripps poses at entrance of gangway. SV Officials carrying in despatch boxes. SV Pan Ernest Bevin arriving and walking to gangway. Philadelphia, United States of America (USA). GV Interior President Harry Truman being decorated by the American Legion in Philadelphia. SV Presenting Truman with service medals. GV Crowd applauding. SV Truman speaking. 'Representatives of the United Kingdom and Canada will soon be here to discuss some of these problems. We look upon these talks as discussion among friends about problems, which affect us all and in the solution of which we all have a common interest." G

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