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Hovercraft 'laboratory' (1965)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
A testing tank enables more research to be done on hovercrafts. Southampton, Hampshire. Item title reads - Hovercraft 'laboratory'. Hovercraft research centre opens testing tank. Southampton, Hampshire. M/S as the HD.1 Hovercraft comes up on the beach at Hythe. L/S model in tank. Pan as the model comes along tank. M/S wave making machines. M/S as model passes through choppy water. M/S models being checked by engineers. C/U of the hovercraft's inventor Christopher Cockerell. M/S pan along one of the models. L/S and C/U dynamic table test rig which simulates up and down motion of sea on skirt of craft. L/S of the wave belts rig. C/U operator checking skirt of craft on the rig. L/S pan as model with two drive props on control line goes round in and out of the tank. Various shots as the model goes into the water and comes out again

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