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Eve Amongst The Boys Filmed At Eastleigh (1932)

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Uploaded by Media Archive on 11/19/2016
Young boy boxers compete in a contest - Joe Beckett appears. Eastleigh (Devon or Hampshire?) "Who said Eve hadn't any hardihood? Any mother will tell you what an effort it requires to watch one's offspring being knocked about a ring in the Annual Boys' Boxing Contest!" M/S of two boys in the ring fighting. Judges seen sitting at a table behind the ring. C/U of a trainer standing leaning on the ring holding a towel. He looks concerned. Fight continues. M/S of the crowd. Some schoolboys, a couple of women but mostly men. More boxing. High angle shot of crowd applauding. It is quite a small hall. Low angle C/U of male spectator. Another two boys fight then go to their corners. Trainers come into the ring and wipe the boys' faces with towels. C/U of one of the boys in the corner being fanned. A smiling boy is lifted into the ring by his trainer. "Lots of enthusiasm and youthful skill - (and Joe Beckett to help things on)." Joe Beckett stands in the ring and ties one of the boys' boxing glo

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