NFG Film and Video Archive

Welcome to the New Forest Gateway Film Archive. We curently have access to over 600 films from the last 100 years, with nearly 300 of them uploaded and available to watch here free of charge.

Local People, Local Events, Travel Documentaries, Sport, Wildlife and the War Years are just part of the growing archive. 100 years of Newsreels have captured a fascinating side of the New Forest and Southern Hampshire's social history. We have included as much written information as we can with each and every film, making this an ideal research tool.

From the earliest films of the 20th century to some up to date documentaries, New Forest Gateway's archive is a fascinating window on a century of New Forest life.


Latest News

We are excited to announce that we have access to a BBC documentary about the New Forest Point to Point and will be featuring it on the website this month (August 2020). Race Of The Rough Riders was aired in 2004 and featured various well known local faces as they prepared for and competed in the previous year's Boxing Day event.