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This archive contains seminal publications about Southern England in general and the New Forest in particular. Social History, Natural History, Fiction and Non-Fiction dating back to 1697. These books are complete and as originally published. Where possible, the books have been processed for word recognition, allowing comprehensive searches within the text.

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The Dialect Of The New Forest (as spoken in the village of Burley)

The Dialect Of The new Forest (as spoken in the village of Burley) by Sir James Wilson

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Published 1913: During two short visits to Biirley, a quiet country village in the New Forest in Hampshire, I made some notes of the dialect, as spoken by the older residents, who had spent all their lives in the village. I have now put them together, in order to give some idea of the differences between that dialect and standard spoken English, in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and idiom. They are by no means exhaustive, but, so far as they go, I have tried to make them accurately represent the actual language still used....